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Hailing from Osaka, Japan, the 19 years old Japanese ska-rock sextet ORESKABAND, who are set to make their movie debut this year as the stars of a feature musical movie “Lock and Roll Forever”,  ORESKABAND will be one of the headlining acts on the VANS WARPED TOUR 2008. The band is scheduled to play all 46-dates on the tour, becoming the first Japanese band ever to accomplish this!!

ORESKABAND formed in 2003 when middle school classmates IKASU (guitar & vocal), TOMI (bass & vocal), TAE-SAN (drums), SAKI (trumpet), MORIKO (tenor sax) and LEADER (trombone) got together to start their own band. They started off playing at small clubs in their hometown and quickly built following with their energetic live shows and colorful personalities. A&R reps from record labels caught the underground vibe of the band and by 2006, these talented high schoolers were signed to Sony Music Japan.

From performing at local venues, ORESKABAND has gone on to gain recognition on a national level. An exceptional opportunity came when their song YEAH ! Ska Dance was used in a TV commercial for POCKY, a very popular Japanese candy. The girls themselves appeared in the commercial, which was shot while they were performing on a moving train show-casing their fresh ska-pop sound and lively personalities

Juggling the role of high school students and recording artists, ORESKABAND completed their debut mini album entitled Ore in March 2006 and received massive critical acclaim. In June, the girls collaborated with trombone player/Ska legend Rico Rodriguez on his tribute session album JAPA-RICO RICO RODRIGUEZ MEETS JAPAN with their cover of the Ska classic MONKEY MAN(MONKEY monkey MAN). That summer, the band also got an invitation to perform at the prestigious FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL which they graciously accepted attracting 1000 attendees, a new artist record!

Their popularity was rising high in Japan but the band was not willing to stop there; In March 2007, following the digital release of their US debut single PINOCCHIO, ORESKABAND kicked off their first tour starting from SXSW music festival in Austin, TX, where the full-throttle energy of their performance and their infectious spirit have earn them strong following and a reputation as one of the best discoveries of the festival. Back in Japan, the girls, now fresh out of high school, continued to play nationwide and wrapped up the successful tour with a sold-out show in their hometown Osaka.

August 2007 saw the release of ORESKBAND’s first LP in the U.S., a self-titled compilation of the band’s Ore and WAO (Short for “We Are ORESKABAND!!”) EP’s.

To support the LP, ORESKABAND returned to the states for a very successful performance at Anime Expo in summer 2007. ORESKABAND was also chosen to perform at Warped Tour that summer alongside many established bands. This US Tour proved successful in creating a new international fan base for ORESKABAND.

After seven crowd-rocking WARPED TOUR performances and new found international recognition, ORESKABAND moved forward with a determination to ring their music all over the world. The girls stayed in the U.S. for 3 more months and filmed their debut musical movie “Lock and Roll Forever”, produced by Emmy-Award winning movie producer Barry Rosenbush. ORESKABAND further added to their resume by recording original songs for the movie’s soundtrack with renowned music industry veteran Kaz Utsunomiya and several other veteran sound producers.

When all of the projects for the debut movie were completed, ORESKABAND finally went home to Japan but that did not signal the end of the whirlwind 2007 year for the girls. ORESKABAND capped off 2007 with a successful performance at the prestigious New Year’s Celebration event “COUNTDOWN JAPAN rock festival” in front of a capacity crowd of 5000 attendees.

In Mar. 2008, ORESKABAND returned to the SXSW Music Festival and announced their upcoming performance at VANS WARPED TOUR 2008. ORESKABAND is now in the studio working on their anticipated new album which is scheduled for an Oct. 2008 release in Japan.

ORESKABAND certainly has their hands full with headlining for the VANS WARPED TOUR, releasing their new album, and the premiere of their movie “Lock and Roll Forever”. 2008 is shaping up to be another eventful year in the very young and bright careers of the 6 girls from OSAKA, JAPAN.

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