Apollo 10 - J R S C

APOLLO 10 started in lates 99 and early 2000 name APOLLO 10 was taken from the MOON SKA records compilation cover album. We've been played in every kind of gigs,with every kind of bands,every kind of people and we love it.We've been played in other cities too beside our beloved city JOGJAKARTA such as Bandung,Purwokerto,etc.

In the late 2005 we've released our 3 songs demo CD that you can listening now.The Demo CD has brought to other countries by our friend such as DON BRUNO from BANANA fanzine (CZECH REPUBLIC) and TOBY from GERMANY also CRISTIAN FIEBIG (drummer from great germany ska band "BLUEKILLA" )...thanks bradda!!Since we've been busy with our daily life for working we haven't record new song yet,but soon we will...just wait n be patient.

We will do the best we can do.Our music influenced by all ska,rocksteady,reggae band in the world also every kind of music that we've been heard every day...including YOU.So feel free to contact us,send email,hear our tunes or everything you like...keep up the good work,never give up !!!

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