Mr. Symarip - The Skinhead Dem A Come
Since 1988 officially the Band Symarip/Pyramids do not exist anymore!!!
The lead singer Roy Ellis is now known as Mr.Symarip and back from the moon!!!

Hello Skinheads, and Ska & Reggae Fans.

This is Roy Ellis, lead singer and song writer from Symarip.
Just want to let you all know it is so great to be back on Ska & Reggae music scene after such a long

time disappearing from in England 1971 and headed for Germany, Autsria, Switzerland, Spain, France,
Finnland,Sweaden,to pioneer the Ska and reggae music.

Wish did`nt catch on by the people till in 1980. At that same time, not knowing that Symarip would turn
out to be a legend band on the Skinhead reggae scene.
I would like to thank the Skinhead scene,
Rudeattack in Luzern -Switzerland who had found out that I`m living in Switzerland since 25 Years.
they came to my house one day to meet me and try to talk me in to go back on the road becaused Symarip
have so much fans all over the world. And they would like to see you and hear you.
So I said that`s great why not I will !!

So the end of 2001 they link me up with one of the best Swiss Ska and Reggae band called, Kalles Kaviar.

Since then I have been also backed by other great Bands like The Aggronauts from Barcelona,
The Solitos from Berlin,and the Nr. 1 Station from London and the Aggrolites from L. A. - U.S.A

anyway: Roy Ellis Mr.Symarip is back with one of the best Album for 2006, or further more one of his best recording Album he ever did. I also would like to thank Liquidator music in Madrid -Spain and also the label, Ska In The world in Japan, and all the other European records lables for taking the interest in this Album. The title:(in Jamaican) The Skinheads dem a come (in English>> (The Skinheads are coming)

  1. Wang Yu
  2. The Skinhead Dem A Come
  3. Come on And Dance With Me
  4. I Was Busted
  5. Hog In A Mi Minty
  6. I'm Gonna Knock, I'm Gonna Knock
  7. Say When - Say When
  8. I Don`t Want You I Don`t Need You Anymore
  9. The Skinheads Them Crash The Moon
  10. I`m Talking About Love
  11. Take It As It Come
  12. Sugar Dumpline
  13. My Caravan Queen
  14. Eastern Star


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