Go Jimmy Go

1996-2008: Celebrating 11 Years Of An Original Island Sound...Go Jimmy Go has been the front-runner in Hawai’i’s music industry, creating original rhythms since the mid ‘90s. With a wholly unique sound, the key to their success has been the band’s feverish chemistry of musicians. With a foundation of driving beats, drummer/vocalist Shon Gregory and bass man Jayder set the pace for Ian Ashley’s melodic guitar/vocals. Ryan Kunimura on trombone and tenor saxophonist Eric White add the sweet memorable flavor of “old Jamaica” while the frenetic moves and soulful vocals of lead singer Jason “Bison” Friedmann never cease to amaze audiences the world around. In 2008, look forward to the Hawaiian Punch Europe Tour, a Japan Tour and a 5th album around the end of summer.

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  1. Bang The Skillet
  2. Jemima
  3. Mai Tai No.9
  4. Miss Argentina
  5. Mountainview
  6. Na-Na
  7. Pressure House
  8. Set Me Free
  9. Sunday Morning
  10. Supersonic
  11. Tin Penny


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