Rentenir Fc was born in the midle of 1996, the thing about Rentenir is that they're not just a band. The Three original members (Rezh - Voice/Drums, Djockie - guitar and Ian Onoz - bass) together with their additional drummer, Indra "Naon?" Boecat, who have known each other since the age of sixteen. They were born and raised in West Java - Bandung City, growing up in an atmosphere of football and punkrock music. For most of their lives, they've been mates. Rezh, Ian Onoz and Indra Boecat attended the same school in 1995, and Djockie was ian's friend. They're playing Punk and Oi! songs and not much else. Rentenir First Gig at PSM (Kiaracondong Street) on independence day festival August 1996. There Was a great moment ever for the band (Thanx to the local punx and skins heroes!!). In the late of 1997, indra was out from the band to make album with his band "Naon?". Rezh and Djockie began to write their own songs and created they first album in the late of 1997 and finish in the middle 1998. Album named was "Oi! Shakedown Oi! 1997-1998". The Formation are Rezh - Voice/Drums, Djockie - Guitars, Ian Onoz - Bass. They were later joined by so many drummer, the first of additional drummers was Golund (Minoru Band), and then Handi and later was Oyonk joined the band. But in 1998 oyonk signed off. Thanks to Bawoek (Rentenir's back voice) who came to fill the drummer position. With Four members (Rezh - Voice, Djockie - guitar, Ian Onoz - bass and Bawoek - Drums) they played at many gigs in others cities. When not gigging, they spent the time hanging out in east bandung end (cipadung), drinking, laughing, watching football and fighting in the local area every nights. After 4 years being rentenir family, Ian onoz make decision to signed off from the band, Then Ian onoz' friend Tibot came in to the band. They were based on the life they led and the characters they met while supporting PERSIB Football Club every Sunday Noon. Rentenir was the first Oi!/punk band who create anthem for Bandung football team PERSIB. The songs is "bobotoh" and "Viva La Persib" and it recorded in the second album "Beer, Football, & Ruck n Roll" in the year of 2000. In 2003 they played on the PERSIB 70TH Birthday at Persib stadium with another bands from any genre. 4 years after the second album they decided make a new album named "HOOLIGAN TAKE OVER" by UnitedRaces Rec. With new Drummer name Boi to change bawoek position who signed off before they make a record. In the late of 2005 they have new player name Berom to complete the formation. And they have a great moment always untill now with the new formations. Now they had become always identic with hooligan music styles...and spent they're time at PI (Behind BIP Mall) hanging out and laughing with they survival friends. Rentenir were, are, and always be: Rezh - Vocals, Djockie - Guitars, Tibot - Bass, Berom - Rythms and Boi - Drum. And the they happily ever after..... Discography : 1st. Oi! Shakedown Oi! 1997-1998 - (Rentenir Rec. 1998), 2nd. Beer, Football & Ruck n Roll - (UnitedRaces Rec. 2000), 3rd. Hooligan Take over -

Download Song : Beranjak Dewasa - Rentenir FC


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